"I can move massive amounts of soil in very short time frames! Faster than diggers, trucks, or bulldozers."
Will Hjorth

“I have a Maxi300 scoop that I used for contouring farmland. It’s easy to use, is low maintenance and a very handy piece of machinery to have around. It’s the quickest way of moving fill or dirt over any distance. It’s really robust too."
Stuart Smith

"Shifts alot of dirt!"
Jim Weston

"Tailgate ejection gives far greater control of fill depth than with over tipping bowl types of scoops."

"Multipurpose machine that is very easy to use."
Jim McDonald

"The tilt axle makes our scoop much more versatile especially when forming or clearing watertables on roads and races."

"Very happy with being able to work under extreme conditions."
Will Hjorth

"I wouldn't have bought another one if I thought it wasn't that good!"
Taranaki Earthmover & Drainage Contractor

"Very happy with the quick loading and despatching time of the scoop...it has proved to outclass all of its competitors."
Stuart Smith

Plough Arm Models


Starting off the 'MAXI Range' is the MAXI Scraper 300 - designed for the operator who has a tractor of 80hp or more.

The Maxi Scraper  300 has outstanding manoeuvrability and a generous load capacity of 3.5m3, while being fully hydraulic enabling a wide variety of tasks to be tackled with ease. The Maxi scraper  300 has a wide 2m cut fills up in less than 20 seconds over 15 metres!


The good 'all rounder' and a popular size, the MAXI Scraper 400 teams up well with a 100hp tractor.

Operation is so simple, it is mastered in minutes. The double acting hydraulic rams on both the apron and tailgate enables accurate control of cut, load, cart, dump and spread. A Maxi Scraper 400 with a wide 2m cut fills up in less than 20 seconds!


The MAXI Scraper 500 works well behind 125hp upwards.

It operates the same as the Maxi Scraper 400 but has the advantage of a 2.4 metre wide cut, giving you bigger capacity of 5.5m3 and a faster job. When transporting loads, the Maxi Scraper 500 is proven to be faster than other implements.

The MAXI Scraper 600 is designed for the operator who has a tractor of 150hp or more.

It is a versatile, efficient and high speed earthmover with big capacity. This scraper  has a wide 2.6m cut.

The MAXI Scraper 800 requires at least 200hp to operate and can be filled up to 9m3.

With a wide 2.6 metre cut and tyres to suit any conditions, this is the ultimate choice for the large-scale farmer or contractor.

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The recently developed MAXI Scraper 1000 requires at least 250hp to operate and can be filled up to 11m3.

With a wide 3m cut and tyres to suit any conditions, this is the ultimate choice for the large-scale farmer or contractor.


Plough Arm Models Specifications




Recommended Horsepower

 Maxi 300



Maxi 400



Maxi 500



Maxi 600



Maxi 800



Maxi 1000






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